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Our team consists of people with practice in the field of credit and economic information, whose experience was built during many years of work in the largest Polish, European and global institutions providing economic information. We have a team of experienced analysts, designers and programmers, creators of Gate-To-Information (G2I) system.


Contractor reliability is the key to running a safe business. Losses incurred as a result of non-payment for services and goods are a common cause of financial trouble and often lead companies to bankruptcy.

Big Consulting’s mission is to provide customers with solutions to minimize the risk of transactions. Checking in the G2I system a company or a person is a verification in the sources of information selected by the Client (credit, economic, registration, payment) and a guarantee of obtaining information:

  • in real time on-line,
  • up-to-date at the moment of inquiry,
  • Integral with source data,
  • from multiple sources in one integrated (multi-source) report.


Gate-To-Information (G2I) system is our flagship IT solution, supported by dozens of implementations in the financial industry. For several years it has been supporting leasing, factoring, lending companies, banks, in the area of verification of companies and persons.

It is an original and unique solution in Poland which integrates the process of collecting and transferring business, credit and registration information.
The G2I system provides fast, cost-competitive, automated support for multi-source Contractor verification.
The G2I system provides communication with, among others:

  • databases of Business Information Offices (BIG),
  • databases of the Credit Information Bureau S.A. (BIK),
  • ZBP databases: DZ, BR,
  • Business Intelligence databases,
  • sources of public information: available from the company: InformacjaKredytowa.pl Sp. z o.o.

Main features of the G2I system


It collects data on the verified company/person from a source or set of sources selected by the Client in the previously defined Checking Profile. The Client creates Verification Profiles using the sources available on his G2I system account.

It is possible to perform the following checks

  • single checks – on a particular company/person,
  • bulk checks e.g. verification of a portfolio of contractors (cyclical/onetime),
  • using the G2I System Web Panel or API.

G2I Online (API)

Requests may be directed to the G2I system in an automatic way, from the Client’s systems e.g. CRM or credit application service.
Communication is carried out using a standard developed by Big Consulting based on XML (SOAP). The detailed technical documentation is available after signing the relevant agreement with Big Consulting.


The G2I system enables automatic data exchange, in the CPU-CPU standard, between the Client’s system and the Credit Information Bureau S.A. (BIK) database in the scope of:

  1. checking – reports are downloaded from the BIK database corresponding to the products available in the Customer’s Agreement with BIK S.A.
  2. inputs

Delivery of this service requires the Customer to have an independent Agreement with BIK S.A., and cyclical data inputs are obligatory for cooperation with BIK S.A.

Decision Engine

An automatic Credit Decision is calculated dynamically based on any data source included in the Checking Profile. Decision algorithms are prepared individually based on the rules provided by the Customer.
Decision is presented in the form of traffic lights (Yes/No/Verify) and is, together with a set of source data, an integral element of a report created in the Checking Profile which uses prepared Decision Engine.


G2I-Transfer module is used for preparing and sending data about debts of companies and persons to the databases of business information bureaus (BIG).


G2I system enables monitoring of business entities in multiple sources simultaneously. The Monitoring function itself is based on sending by G2I system a notification (to the specified e-mail address or using API) of a change (addition/deletion of information) for the monitored entity.


The use of the Panel of Statistics available in the G2I system allows, among others:

  • control of settlements with sources
  • control of compliance with procedures by the Users
  • analysis of effectiveness and efficiency of information sources


International Certificate of Information Security Management System in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2017 (ISMS), confirms that our Company takes information security seriously and maintains service quality. ISO/IEC 27001 defines the requirements and principles for: implementing, monitoring, managing information security in a company. Secure information means confidentiality (access only for authorized persons), integrity (accuracy and completeness), availability (access to resources, according to specific needs).

Big Consulting as a member of the Association of Financial Companies in Poland passes a positive verification of ethics audit every year (since 2016). The Ethics Committee at the ZPF has awarded our company with an Ethics Certificate, which is a confirmation of the compliance of our business practices with the ZPF Ethics Program.


Customer service

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